Meet Pat Tucker

Why I Am Running for HD 30

The windows for action are small.  Sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively, we have only a brief moment to make a difference in the lives of others whether it’s encouragement at just the right time, volunteering, or choosing to put someone else’s life ahead of our own in a crisis.  And when we turn away from a chance to do what is right, our world becomes a little less the kind of world we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

Pat_Tucker.jpgFor me, the time for acting has arrived because I have seen too often the Idaho legislature turn away opportunities to address the real issues facing Idahoans, and this simply must change.  Our current legislature has effectively shut out the voices and life experiences of far too many of us for our government to be fair and representative. The time has come for representatives of the people who will fight to make government work for all Idahoans.   Those of us who are women are doubly underrepresented—only 30%  of the seats in the Idaho legislature are held by women, who bring a special understanding of the needs of children, families and communities that adds a much needed perspective to the process of governing.

After my daughter, Cady, was killed at 11 years of age in a head-on collision in Montana, I was successful in championing legislation to extend the statute of limitations for unsafe driving resulting in death from one to three years in Montana.  But as I have repeatedly attempted to champion improved traffic safety legislation in the Idaho legislature, my own home state legislature has failed us time after time.  My frustration renewed when in the 2018 session, a commonsense bill to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving was handily defeated by legislators. This important bill was introduced because of the sharp increase in the number of deaths caused by drivers being distracted by electronic devices, most of whom were teen drivers.  I know only too well that the window for saving another innocent young life on our highways will close in a moment. 

I am running because we must have people in our legislature who see it as an urgent necessity to not only make Idaho highways safer, but to put high-quality schools at the top of our agenda, who put Idaho jobs and workers first, who work for security for our families by creating opportunities and improving incomes so hardworking Idahoans and their families can prosper. I am running and asking for your support because it is time to hold government accountable and defend the rights of all Idahoans.  The issues that are important to you are what matter to me – issues that will help all Idahoans have a quality of life to fulfill their potential.  The time to make a difference is now!